Linax Training Courses

Explore courses to train linac professionals; including service technicians and medical physicists. Linac courses are cattered to meet the needs of all professionals.

Take courses with expert Linax instructors, get the resources needed to teach your own clinic, or take individual courses for professional development

Service Technician Courses

virtual courses taught by an expert Linax instructor

Level 1
Learn the basic components of medical linear accelerators and their principles of operation. Get a first look at how these components work together and an introduction to troubleshooting.

Level 2
Learn linear accelerator safety, hazards, interlock theory, and patient safety. Preventative and corrective maintenance, and quality assurance procedures for medical linac maintenance.

Level 3
Learn how to apply this knowledge to advanced beam tuning. Become an advanced technician prepared for the most challenging troubleshooting.

Linac Servicing Master Course
Take all 3 levels at once. Become an expert technician in 3 months.

Linac Education Platform for Institutions

Deliver and manage already built training programs with ease.

Clinic Package
Get access to the entire platform to build training for linac professionals. Teach medical physicists and service technicians linac operation, linac safety, and clinical responsibilities all on your own.

Resident Package
Teach your medical physics residents about linac theory and quality assurance. Allow students to get practice with linac operation, maintenance, safety, and QA procedures.

Classroom Package
Teach your medical physics graduate students about linac theory and quality assurance. Give students the first look and hands on experience with their future profession.

Linax Premium Subscription
For true radiotherapy professionals. Connect with the community and develop your career.


Linac Bootcamp
An introduction to Linac education. Get a basic overview of linacs through this video based course while getting to experience the Linax learning platform and SIMAC Labs.

Linac Professional Practice
Learn the professional aspects of a Class 2 Service Technician including behavioral, regulatory, and ethical knowledge. Designed to be compliant with the new CNSC Class 2 regulations.

Technical Exams
Take our technical exams to establish your technical competence. Designed to be compliant with the new CNSC Class 2 regulations for service technician competency.

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