The resources, equipment, and platform for any institution to teach medical linacs independently.
Personal linacs & a teaching platform for any institution
Package Details:
  • Theory Access
  • Linac Simulators
  • Quizzes & Lab Exercises
  • Student Management Portal
  • Platform Training
  • Translate to any Language

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Course Description:
For people teaching linacs in medical physics training programs, our training packages are the only training aid available that gives each student and instructor a personal working linac, the material, and platform to manage training and teach beamline aspects of linear accelerators.

Course Options
All packages include same features just with different subscription lengths, structures, and pricing
Residency Option
Designed for residencies
  • Per Student and Instructor
  • Full year Access
Graduate Option
Designed for graduate programs
  • +/- 10 students
  • 6 Month Access
Clinic Option
Designed to cover the whole clinic
  • Unlimited Users
  • Full Year Access


Justus Adamson, PhD, Duke University SIMAC provides a unique environment where our students can gain familiarity with how medical linear accelerators work. SIMAC has played an important role in the education of our graduate students for a number of years now
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