Level I Service Technician Course
Learn all the knowledge to become a certified Level I linac service techncian

Linac Service training anywhere in the world

Become a Level 1 technician in 1 month!

Course Details:

  • Online course with Linax instructor
  • 8 Lessons
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Certification upon completion
  • Training with Linac Simulator

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Course Description:

Our service technician courses are virtual courses taught by a linax supplied instructor. Students will attend two 1-hour sessions per week with flexible times to consider servicing responsibilities. Students will learn a range of practical skills shown in simulation as well as a deeper understanding of how all aspects of their machine operates. With access to the Linax platform students will be required to read content, complete quizzes, and complete Simac labs in preparation for sessions. Access to Linax resources will be available for a year after completion of the course for troubleshooting resources. Our 3 level service program give trainees the necessary skills to become ready to start servicing machines in under 6 months. Remove the need to rely on apprentice training from your experienced techs and allow technicians to understand more about the machines to increase inhouse servicing with less need for OEM assistance.

Launch your linac servicing career.

 Linacs are complex and dangerous, get the training and resources you need to be successful in the clinic. With Linax training you have a place to answer the questions no one will. On top of it all, with Simac and Simac labs, you get a real machine interaction without ever having to use a linac.

Course Topics:

  • Linac Configurations
  • Electron Gun
  • Waveguide
  • Bending Magnet
  • Target
  • Ion Chamber, Corrousel
  • Collimator, Jaws, MLC
  • Klystron
  • Magnetron
  • Modulator

Learn how linacs operate and become prepared to start servicing medical linacs!

Bundle & Save

Take multiple courses together to save. Become a confident tech ready to service independently in under 4 months!

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