Residency Package
a true understanding of medical linacs for medical physics residents

Finally, linacs made simple for residents

Get real practice and resources to answer any question.

Package Details:

  • Accessed via online platform
  • Unlimited Student accounts
  • 1 teacher accounts
  • Linac simulator
  • 2 textbooks, 34 Lessons
  • Quizzes & Labs

by Quote

Course Description:

Our resident/graduate program is designed to be delivered by the purchasing institution. Your institute will receive all of Linax resources and management tools to give your students the information they need to be successful in the clinic while saving you time on teaching. With our online platform an instructor is assigned with the ability to add and remove students access, grade and comment on quizzes and labs, and designate content for their students to complete. Along with your guidance, the students will have full access to our textbooks, quizzes, labs, and Simac to have the resources and hands on practice they need to fully benefit from the small time they spend in the clinic. Get physicists hands on clinical and machine experience with resources for procedures and machines, all in an safe environment without sacrificing you clinics resources.

It's impossible to get machine time, make the most of it by being prepared.
Integrate the Residency package directly in your program, anywhere in the world.

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