Linax Premium Subscription
For true radiotherapy professionals. Connect with the community and develop your career.

Control YOUR Career

A yearly subscription that turns your Linax account into a one-stop location for career development and community connection.

Subscription Includes:

  • 10 Simac runs per day
  • Access to purchase Regulatory Compliance Courses
    • CNSC Non-technical Compliance Course
    • CNSC Technical Compliance Exams
  • Professional Development Program
    • 1 technical lesson a month and quiz
    • Prepare for compliance exams
  • The Linac Bootcamp
    • Free from a regular 125$
  • Transcript Portal


Radiotherapy professionals need a place the community can rely on to be informed, have access to resources, and access to professional development opportunities. The Premium subscription turns the Linax Platform into exactly that. Stay tuned for courses and features like advanced beam tuning, community chats, repair simulations, and more as new technology and regulations are released.

Contact us about any questions you have.

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