Clinic Package
A platform of resources to train the whole clinic

Linacs, from
Basics to Advanced

Resources and courses to learn/teach how medical linacs are operated and maintained

Package Details:

  • Accessed via online platform
  • Unlimited users
  • Linac simulator
  • 2 textbooks, 34 Lessons
  • Quizzes & Labs
  • Teacher Features

by Quote

Course Description:

Our clinic package is designed to give tools to help the entire clinic learn, communicate about, troubleshoot, operate, and maintain medical linacs. The clinic package gives an institute all Linax resources for both service engineers and medical physicists. The package includes instructor accounts to grant and remove user access to the platform, grade or comment on quiz and lab responses, and designate content for users to complete. The clinic package allows a clinic to train linac professionals in the fraction of a time, get troubleshooting resources to reduce downtime and open more patient treatment times, and allows the clinic to communicate more efficiently from team to team. All which will help the clinic save time, resources, and money on their machines.

Make sure your medical physicists, service technicians, or anyone from your clinic have the resources they need to be successful operating and maintaincing medical linear accelerators.
Use the Linax created courses or simply use the resources to fit your needs. Test your professionals with quizzes, and track the progress with teacher features. Plus get real machine interaction with Simac and Simac labs to close the gap between learning and application.
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